Mobile application that indicates to the consumer where to find desired products at the POS. It estimates the product’s stock status at the points of sale so that the consumer does not waste time searching.

For the consumer, the certainty that the desired product will be found. For the manufacturer, besides the advantage of knowing that product will always be found, Temlá’s technology can be used directly in the Customer Service System and Website. And for the retailer, the greater exposure of your business and your products.


Main Benefits
Greater visibility of your products, including new releases
Reduction of lost sales due to stockouts
Temlá technology and intelligence in your customer services system and Website, indicating retailers that actually have stock available
Accurate vision of your consumer's buying behavior
Portfolio of sold products present in the app
Points of sale to which you sell visible in the app
Increased visibility to your customers
Increased visibility of your products, generating more sales for your distributor
Increased visibility of your products
Increased visibility of your stores
Reach a non-loyal public
Integration of Temlá with your store's application