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Pulse by Mtrix

The Mtrix now in the form of an App. Even faster actions, decisions and results, with mobility and convenience!
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Allows unlimited combinations of product baskets, versus target product baskets (cross-selling), to identify and guide opportunities and actions, aiming to increase sales, distribution and improve the presence/profitability of the product mix.
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Market studies that optimize sales productivity for your company to achieve retail growth, without high investments in sample research.
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Solution with daily publication of sell-out information, with a 25-month history. Allows a full view of points of sale distributed throughout Brazil through analyzes and managerial and interactive graphics to monitor sales results, buyer positiveness, product mix, among others.
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A solution for repurchase and loyalty analysis of sell-out purchases.
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Mtrix Highlights

Monthly newsletter that shows market performance as a whole. Your information is reliable and updated daily. With it, you can compare your own performance against market behavior.
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SSE Dashboard

SSE Dashboard

Solution that presents integrated visibility of sell-in, sell-out, stock and positivity, with indicators that indicate days of stock, safety stock, stock turnover and analysis of the risk of stockout and overstocking.
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Mtrix Performance Monitor

Discover Mtrix Performance Monitor’s customizable solutions for managing incentive campaigns.
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Para o fabricante, além da vantagem de saber que seu produto será sempre encontrado, a tecnologia do Temlá pode ser utilizada diretamente em seu SAC e Website, indicando os varejos que de fato tenham estoque disponível de seus produtos.
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