Provides total visibility of POS distributed throughout Brazil, through interactive graphs and analysis that allow daily monitoring of sales results, number of buyers, product mix, among others.

Monitor the behavior of product prices

At what price is my product being sold?

Manage your sales performance

How was my result vs. the previous period?

Identify opportunities for your business

How are POS product purchase from distributor performing? Is distributor's sales team performing according to our goals?

Optimize product mix

Which product is being sold?

Increase your sales

Who is selling? Which POSs are my products in?

Direct your sales

Where are my products being sold?
Perform analysis with Censor's indicators:
Sell-out value and volume
SKU Penetration by product mix
Portfolio vs Positivation
Days with sales
Product price
Frequency of purchase
Drop size value and volume
Censor – Dashboard

Managerial views of sales results.