Execute your Excellence Plans, Incentive Campaigns, and Pay By Performance Plans efficiently and swiftly, achieving your results
Initial plans for specific goals

Recommended for companies creating their first incentive plans. A concise dashboard with goal management by distributor, category, and brand (sell-in, sell-out, and positivation).

Plans for more structured campaigns

Customization of goals and parameters. Aims to incentivize primarily the Manufacturer’s Sales Force and/or Distribution and/or POS. List with insights related to goals.

Programs with pillars for continuous improvement

More robust plans, with standardized goals for an extended period. Aims to incentivize primarily the distribution. More interactive dashboards allowing deeper analysis in the management and monitoring of exclusive KPIs.

Key Benefits
Track the daily sales performance of your campaign according to your business rules versus goals and targets
Create your performance indicators and monitor them daily
Monitor the sales performance of your distributor and its respective sales team
See which establishments have the highest sales potential
Define profiles by points of sale
Monitor the points of sale that have achieved the expected results for your campaign
Receive recommendations on how to increase productivity in sales results
Effectively reward your salespeople