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Covid-19 Special Study

EDITION: 11-12-2021
Weekly studies of the pandemic impact on food, HC&PC and beverage markets
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EDITION: 05-27-2022
Monthly reports with comparisons between food, HC&PC and beverage markets
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Sales Performance

EDITION: 06-15-2022
Monthly reports and videos with comparative performances of the consumer goods market
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Leveraging Indirect Channel Results

EDITION: 08-20-2021
Understand how to make the best decisions using data and what are the main challenges and solutions that professionals are using.
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Industry vs. Distributor Dynamics

How to make decisions in times of crisis: The use of data is fundamental

Fernando Figueiredo
Mtrix Director of Business Development

Luis Carlos Szuster
Senior Manager of Sales Strategy at Ajinomoto do Brasil

Eduardo Campos
Purchasing Manager at Distribuidora Pazotti


Impacts on the industry in 2020 and trends for 2021

Conversation with industry leaders Hershey's and Pernod Ricard

Fernando Figueiredo
Mtrix Business Development Director

Tony Dias
National Manager of Hershey´s Distributor Channel

Bruno de Faria
National Manager of the Indirect Channel Trade at Pernod Ricard